Keeping it Pawsitive!

Our main goal at Pawsitive Pet Company is to provide Pawsitive services to make you and your pets happy! We completely understand that our pets aren’t just “pets”, they become a member of the family and most pet owners will go out of their way to make them feel happy and loved. That is what we will be doing when you are busy or on a much-needed vacation! We will continue their regular schedule and of course give them lots of love, attention, exercise (and treats ) to make sure they are healthy, safe and happy!

We also are extremely passionate about giving back and helping those animals in need (all species) so we are working on fundraisers, donations, raffles, rescue events and other exciting things to come soon!

Our company also understands how much us pet owners miss our “children” when we aren’t with them, even if it is just an 8-hour work day, so we will send you pictures and updates, as well as a GPS tracker while we go out for our walk, for every visit so you can see them and make your day a little better knowing your pets are happy and taken care of!