Overnight Visit (9pm-7am): $75 – We will stay overnight in your home with your pet(s). This includes feeding and treats at your normal times, potty breaks, litter box cleaning, waste pick-up, fresh water, play-time, and either crating the pet or cuddling at night. Our goal is to create as similar of a schedule as possible that your pet is used to.

This allows your pet to have as less stress as possible while you are out of town. They continue their normal routine and are comfortable in their own home and bed. This is great for older, anxious or young pets since they will get one-on-one attention throughout the night and it doesn’t put them in any uncomfortable situations. This also prevents the risk of your pet(s) getting any transmittable illnesses from other pets. I will also do small requests if needed and leave your home tidied up with clean sheets.

Overnight Visit with a mid-day walk (15 mins): $88

*additional pets after 2 is $5 per pet