Dog Services

Every visit includes: letting your dog outside or walking on a leash for a mid-day stretch and potty break, food and treats if needed, a clean bowl with fresh water, medication if needed, play time, belly rubs, and any other small request.

  • Drop by visit (15 minutes): $16 – This is perfect for a quick potty break or walk for your pup to stretch and relieve some stress
  • Dog Walk (30 minutes): $24 – This would be a longer walk or more playtime for your dog
  • Long dog walk (60 minutes): $34 – This is great for high energy dogs, so they get more exercise and attention

Package Walks: 

  • 5 walks (15 mins)= $70 a week
  • 5 walks (30 mins)= $105 a week
  • 5 walks (60 mins) = $150 a week

This is Perfect for people with the Monday-Friday 8+ hours work schedule! Giving your pup a mid-day potty break, socialization, and some exercise. Ask about our 3 x a week deals as well!

*Additional pets after 2 is $3 per pet

Allowing your dogs to have a break in the middle of the day can be very beneficial for their mental and physical health. Being inside for many hours (especially if that are in a tight space like a crate) can cause them to get stressed, nervous or anxious. Also, not allowing them to use the bathroom for too long or not frequently enough can lead to an increased risk of bladder, kidney, and urinary tract infections

Letting them out in the middle of the day at least once, gives them some time to stretch, use the bathroom, get some exercise and human-social interaction. Imagine if you were stuck in a room alone all day for 8+ hours (without any technology). You would really need to use the bathroom, and most likely be so bored and lonely. Puppies, older dogs, dogs with health conditions or taking medication that can cause them to urinate more frequently should be let out even more often as well. Not everyone considers this and thinks their dog with be fine for that many hours, but it really can help their overall health to let them have a break. It can also help you out when you get home and they aren’t as energetic or stressed out.