Q: Why should I Choose Pawsitive Pet Company?

A: We allow your pets to stay in their comfortable, familiar environment and follow their daily routine. We give them lots of attention so they are happy while you are away and continue their normal exercise instead of being locked in a small kennel most of the day. We are insured, licensed and experienced in animal health and behavior. We are also available 365 days of the year! We are trustworthy, dependable, and passionate about our pets!

Q: Do you always visit at the time we ask for?

A: We will try our best to book you at the exact time you wish, but we usually have a window of time that we will book you in. It just depends on the schedule for that day.

Q: If my pet has an “accident”, do you clean it up?

A: Yes, of course we will clean up after your pets if we notice an accident when we come in for a visit. Please let us know if you have any specific products to use or instructions for cleaning carpet/ rugs/ etc.

Q: What happens in an emergency?

A: If the unfortunate possibility of an emergency occurs, all staff will have a first aid kit on them or in their vehicles. If the situation needs further attention, we will either call you, an emergency contact or take them to your listed Animal Hospital (Or Emergency Hospital, if it is past vet hours). We will discuss all of this at your consultation, so we know what to do if that were to occur.

Q: What hours do you provide services?

A: Pet Sitting and dog walking visits are usually between 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Other times can be arranged with an additional fee. Overnight visits are also available from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am.

Our office hours are 9:00-7:00pm Monday-Friday. We will be in contact with you outside of those hours if we are on a walk or an overnight visit with your pet!

Q: Do you board pets?

A: We do not board pets in our home or a facility. We do provide daily visits for your pets or we can stay overnight in your home. We can customize a schedule to fit your pets needs so they are comfortable and happy.

Q: How is payment handled?

A: You can pay with a credit/debit card or bank transfer through our “Time to Pet” app once you receive an invoice. We accept cash, check and venmo as well.

Q: Will I receive a refund if I leave later than expected or return early?

A: Unfortunately not, please understand that we have made time for your visits and may have turned other people down to allow time for your pets. We appreciate your understanding for this.

Q: Do you walk my dog with other people’s dogs?

A: We will not unless you ask us to. Our main focus while we are with your dog, is your dog. If you would like playtime with other pets or a walk with a trusted pet friend, we can do that upon request.

Q: Do I need to prepare anything for my pup’s walk?

A: We prefer that you leave the dogs leash, collar or harness near the front door so it is easy for us to find. That’s it! If you would like to, you can leave poop bags for us to use or treats to give the pets.

Q: What kind of pets do you provide pet care services for?

A: Any species! We won’t turn away any pet unless they could cause harm or illness to our staff.

Q: What makes your Pet Services different from other pet sitting and dog walking service providers? Can’t I just have a friend or neighbor stop by?

A: We are licensed, insured and experienced. This means you can feel at ease knowing we are a legal business and are covered in the rare chance that your pet, property or a staff member is harmed while completing a service. We also are pet CPR/ First aid certified and have a background in working with animals. This is also a reason for choosing us instead of a friend, neighbor or relative because they may not have the experience or knowledge when it comes to pets, unexpected behaviors and emergencies, like we do. We are professional animal care takers and are prepared if something were to not go as planned.

Q: What is the purpose of the Consultation?

A: First of all, this gives us a chance to meet your pets so we get an idea of their behavior as well as allowing them to get familiarized with us, so they aren’t scared or aggressive when we come into your home without you there. By us seeing them while you are around, we will be able to pick up on any abnormal or different behaviors when we see them the next time. We also will go over instructions, schedules, any important details about your pet and sign a contract together. This is a perfect time to get a copy of your key as well, so it is easy and free!

Q: How do I get my key back when I return from my trip?

A: If you plan on continuing services with our company, we can gladly hold onto it for you in our lock box so there is no need to bring it back and forth. If you would like your key back, we can leave it in a lock box or wherever you request as long as it is safe. We can also mail it to you for a $5 fee or return the key to you for a $10 fee.

Q: Is there a Cancellation fee?

A: If you cancel a walk or service at least 24 hours prior to, there will be no fee. If it is under the 24-hour notice, there will be a 25% cancellation charge. Family emergencies, illnesses, and other unexpected events will be considered case by case. Holiday cancellation fees are a higher percentage depending on when it is.

Q: How do I get started with Pawsitive Pet Company? 

A: You can either contact our company by phone/text (407-307-6085) or

email (info@pawsitivepetcompany.com) or

by signing up and filling out your client portal on our Time to Pet app!


We look forward to hearing from you and would love to meet you and your pet!